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Labor in Korea
Labor in Korea
  • Author edited by Wonduck Lee
  • Language English
  • Publication Date December 12, 2002
  • Length 147 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download Labor in Korea.pdf Labor in Korea.pdf
    Since the mid-1990s, the labor market in Korea has experienced drastic changes. As a
    way of overcoming the 1997 financial crisis, the Korean economy underwent large-scale
    structural reforms. In line with this move, the government, employers, labor leaders and the
    academics have all devoted themselves to enhancing labor market flexibility and
    diversifying employment forms and structures. And after the crisis, with the rapidly evolving
    process of globalization and intensified international competition, the continued need to
    change and keep up with the international labor standards is widely recognized.

    To this end, this book brings together systematic and comprehensive analyses of various
    issues related to labor in Korea, including industrial relations, tripartism, labor law,
    unemployment, social safety net and HRM. Five research fellows and five research
    associates of the Korea Labor Institute (KLI) have contributed their papers to introduce the
    recent developments in key aspects of labor in Korea to foreign scholars and policy