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Active Labor Market Policies and Unemployment Insurance in Selected Countries
Active Labor Market Policies and Unemployment Insurance in Selected Countries
    For the last decade globalization and technological advancement have dramatically altered
    economic and industrial structures causing an enormous shift in the labor market
    situation. Indeed, labor market policies must now cover a wider range of increasingly
    complicated issues, and nations across the globe are conducting both active and passive
    labor market policies to handle these diverse issues. Employment Insurance (EI)/
    Unemployment Insurance (UI) systems in each country have also undergone change in
    order to conform to the new environment. Although the form and function of each national
    EI/UI system differs, the system itself has played a major role in every country to promote
    labor market policy for sustainable economic growth and social integration. The Korean EI
    system has also made a great contribution to labor market development since its
    introduction in July 1995. In particular, it has contributed remarkably to overcoming the high
    unemployment rate after the 1997 financial crisis. And as EI/UI systems assume an even
    greater as the social safety net, those programs must be supplemented and improved. On
    September 12-13, 2001, the Korea Labor Institute (KLI), International Labor Organization
    (ILO), and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) jointly held the International Workshop on the
    Role of Employment/Unemployment Insurance under New Economic Environment in Seoul,
    Korea. At this workshop, recognized scholars and policy-makers from six OECD countries
    as well as distinguished representatives from international organizations shared the
    experiences and lessons of other countries. In addition, they reviewed the significant
    changes in the EI/UI system and documented the effects on labor markets.
    Policy-makers from Asian developing nations, who are currently working to introduce EI/UI
    systems in their countries, also participated in policy discussions and learned from the
    experiences of the developed countries. The goal of the international workshop was to
    review recent significant changes in the EI/UI system, to document their effects on labor
    markets and on the quality of life of workers, and to share recent experiences. This book
    reflects the content and process of the workshop, covering changing local labor market
    issues and the development of the EI/UI systems of selected OECD countries, such as
    unemployment insurance benefits and unemployment assistance, wage subsidy programs,
    vocational training programs, among others.