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The Korea Labor Institute is a government-funded research organization that specializes in labor policy. KLI’s corporate identity was created for the purpose of proactively providing policy alternatives for labor-managerial relationships, spreading its status as a think tank to improve employment structure and achieve reforms in labor market for the national task of social unification, and disseminating research carried out by labor academics.

Meaning of the Corporate Identity (CI)

Green, a color that signifies peace, balance, and harmony, was used as the base color to signify KLI’s role in providing balanced solutions for issues in the labor market in a quick and effective manner. In addition, the CI was formed with three colors to express that the laborers, corporations, and the government will grow together by forming a balance through dialogue, flexibility and transparency. These colors come together to form the shape of a torch, a flame that lasts for eternity.

Logo Type

The logo was created in three types, Korean, English, and the combination of the two languages, to create a unified identity that portrays KLI’s identity and image.


KLI’s emblem features lettering and the combination of Korean and English logo types to signify authority and professionalism. The emblem features two colors as a rule.


The signature features vertically aligned lettering and logo types in various sizes, which are combined using certain criteria, allowing it to be used in various layouts and circumstances.

Color Scheme

The main color is used on the lettering, logo type, and various materials to create KLI’s unique color and deliver a unified sense of identity. The color green signifies peace, balance, and harmony and connotes leading solutions provided to the laborers, corporations, and the government by KLI.