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Mission Statement

The Korea Labor Institute (KLI) intends to conduct systematic research and analyses on a wide range of themes in the field of employment and labor, with the goal of developing reasonable labor policies and raising public awareness of labor issues.

  • As the sole national research institute in the field of employment and labor, KLI has played a pivotal role in the research and policy suggestions on the labor market and industrial relations in Korea since its inauguration on August, 25, 1988.
  • With the vision for ‘a global policy research institute which leads the efforts to enhance the quality of working life and help people find happiness in their jobs’, KLI has carried out research, studies, and programs in various fields, including the labor market, employment policies, industrial relations, human resource management, labor law, labor welfare, labor insurance, and educational programs for the leaders of social partners.

Basis of Establishment

Act on the Establishment, Operation and Fostering of Government-Funded Research Institutions

  • Act No. 5733, Enacted January 29, 1999
  • Amended as Act No. 5982 on May 24, 1999