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November 4, 2008
The 7th Northeast Asia Labor Forum: Construction of a Vibrant and Organized Human Capital Market

October 24, 2008
International Seminar on the Systematization of Social Insurance Functions: Focusing on the Workers’ Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation

October 23, 2008
International Seminar on Workplace Innovation for the Improvement of Competitiveness

October 21, 2008
The 20th KLI Morning Lecture from Human Capital Perspective

October 9, 2008
2008 Workshop on Workplace Panel Survey: Using a Small Panel Dataset

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Child Education and Labor Supply of Married Women - By Hyung-jai Choi
Social Insurance and the Role of Labor Unions: Comparing Korea, Germany, and Japan - By Jo-Duk Yoon, Sang-Ho Kim, and Jeong-Ran Park
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Employment Structure and Effects of the Foreign Workforce - By Kyu-Yong Lee and Sung-Jae Park
Industrial Relations and Labor Market Trends more
Employment Wages and Working hours Industrial Relations
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November 11, 2008
Forum for Labor, Management and Government for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in Korea

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