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▣ Date : 23 April 2008
International Conference for Promoting Equal Employment

▣ Date : 16 April 2008
The 16th KLI Morning Lecture on People-Oriented Management

▣ Date : 10 April 2008
Consulting on Enhancing Employment Stability of Older Workers and Major Achievements

▣ Date : 4 April 2008
Seminar on Employment Equality : Part-time Labor and Policies for Balancing work and family

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□ Global Comparison of the Labor Market and Employment of Older Workers □ A Study on the Change in Industrial Relations and the Actual Business Condition for the Korean Companies in China
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Evaluation of Fiscal Job Support Programs (by Lee Kyu-Yong)
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  Employment Trends   Industrial Relations
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▣ Date : June 3~4, 2008
International Employment Forum 2008 : Employment Friendly Growth

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