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Recent Publications
International Labor Brief (Vol. 18, No. 08, 2020)
Author International Cooperation and Information Office
Publication Date 2020.08.15
Language Korean
Page 104 Pages
Price KRW 6,000
Publisher Korea Labor Institute

Global Focus

Reorganization and Reconstruction of Labor: The Vision for Democracy at Work (Sangjoon Lee)


Special Feature: Workplace Democracy and a Sustainable Future

Work: Democratize, Decommodify, Remediate

The Historical Experience and Status of Workers Cooperative: Lessons for an Alternative Corporate Model (Hyungsik Eum)

The Place for Workers in Business Management in France through the Legislation of the “Law on Corporate Growth and Transformation” (Gilles Auzero)


International Labor Trends

Occupational Safety Problems and Responses to High Temperatures in the Summer in the U.S (Jung Myung Kim)

The Effects of Abnormal Summer Heat on Labor and Worker Protection in the UK (Minseok Chae)

Severe Heat at Workplaces in Japan and Countermeasures (Joonhee Park)

Sharing Workers in China: The Shared Economy of ‘People’ (Seokjin Park)  


World Labor News

* Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean.


Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 185, August 2020)
Author Center for Labor Trends Analysis
Publication Date 2020.08.10
Language Korean
Page 150 Pages
Price KRW 6,000
Publisher Korea Labor Institute

Special Feature: Labor Market Assessment of the First Half of 2020

Employment Trends in the First Half of 2020 (Min-Ki Hong)

Labor Market Assessment by Age in the First Half of 2020 (Kippeum Lee, Yongbin Lim)

Labor Market Assessment by Industry in the First Half of 2020 (Jong-Wook Kim, Sang Hoon Jee)

Labor Market Trends From Employment Administration Statistics in the First Half of 2020 (Jun-Young Kim)


Issue Analysis

Implications and Future Challenges of Organizing Trade Unions for Workers with Disabilities (Kyujun Cho)  


Statistics Prism

A Comparison of Poverty Rates by Gender from COVID-19 (Bok-Soon Kim)


Monthly Review of Recent Employment and Labor Law Cases


Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations



* Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean

Working Paper

(Working Paper 2020-08) COVID-19: Scale of Those Excluded from Social Protection and Alternative Policy Directions

Heungjun Jung

I. Government’s COVID-19 Scale of Support and Employment Measures
II. Excluded from Social Protection: Status and Scale
III. The Need for Support Programs Specific to Vulnerable Workers

(Working Paper 2020-07) Directions and Challenges of Vocational Education and Training Policies in Response to COVID-19

Joo-Seop Kim

I. Introduction
II. Impact of COVID-19 and Current Responses
III. Strategic Response and Policy Challenges
Ⅳ. Conclusion

KLI News

Seminar Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of the KLI: Employment Crisis from COVID-19 and Policy Responses

The KLI hosted a seminar celebrating the 32nd anniversary on ‘Employment Crisis from COVID-19 and Policy Responses’. The opening was presented by Bae Kiu Sik, president of the KLI followed by congratulatory remarks by Jae-gab Lee from the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and Seong Kyoung-Ryung from the National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences. The presentations were by research fellows from the KLI. The first presenter was Yoo Bin Kim on ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on the Labor Market: An Analysis on Current Situation’. The second was on ‘Discussions on Paid Sick Leave and Policy Review’ by June Namgoong. The final presentation was on ‘Seeking for a New Social Agreement for a New Social Economy after COVID-19’ by Myung-Joon Park. The seminar ended with a discussion session and closing remarks.

2020 Korea Labor & Income Panel Data Workshop

The 2020 Korea Labor & Income Panel Data Workshop was open online on September 11th. A series of talks on the use of the labor panel data for research and introduction of the dataset will be provided. In the first session, Jieun Lee from the KLI will present on ‘Introducing the Korea Labor & Income Panel Data’ and the second session will be presented by Mingue Park from Korea University on ‘Understanding the Use of Weights on Panel Surveys’. The workshop is for researchers and graduate students who are interested in using panel data for further research.

2020 The Korea Society of Labor Law Summer Academic Conference ‘A Review on Employee Status- Focusing on the Employee Status by Industry’

The KLI and Korean Society of Labor Law co-hosted the Summer Academic Conference on the ‘Review on Employee Status’ on the 24th, July. President Bae Kiu Sik gave an opening speech for the conference. For the first session was on the ‘Review on Employee Status’ and was moderated by Byung-Hee Lee, a research fellow at the KLI which was followed by a discussion. The second session was on ‘Labor Law Responses in Times of Natural Disaster’ and was moderated by Moon Moo-gi, a professor at Kyungpook National University.


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