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Recent Publications
International Labor Brief (Vol. 18, No. 02, 2020)
Author International Cooperation and Information Office
Publication Date 2020.02.15
Language Korean
Page 143 Pages
Price KRW 6,000
Publisher Korea Labor Institute


Global Focus

The Need for Continuous Reforms in the Structure of the Labor Market (Jo-Yup Ahn)


Special Feature: 2020 Labor Market Assessment and Industrial Relations Outlook

U.S Employment Outlook for 2020 (Randall W. Eberts)

Developments in 2019 Labor Market and Industrial Relations and Forecast for 2020 in China (Kyung Jing Hwang)

Labor Market of Japan in 2020 and Industrial Relations Developments (Hak-soo Oh)

Employment Growth on Fragile Economic Foundations (Matthias Knuth)


International Research Trends

Main Issues and Research on Health Insurance in America (Pyoungsik Kim)

Status and Evaluation of Zero-hour Contracts in the UK (Minseok Chae)

Changes in the French Pension System and its Recent Reforms (Taehoon Lee)

Current Status and Causes of Gender Wage Gap in China (Seokjin Park)


World Labor News

* Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean


Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 179, February 2020)
Author Center for Labor Trends Analysis
Publication Date 2020.02.10
Language Korean
Page 156 Pages
Price KRW 6,000
Publisher Korea Labor Institute

Labor Focus

Current Situation and Challenges to Workplace Innovation (Gye-teak Oh)


Special Feature: Workplace Innovation

Case Study on Workplace Innovation in SME Manufacturing Sector (Se-Ri No)

Workplace Innovation in Regions, Why? How? (Myung-Joon Park, Sehwon Hwang)

Case Study of Workplace Innovation and Implications: Focusing on the Case of Germany and Finland (Changwon Lee)

Workplace Innovation in Manufacturing and Human Resource Management (Kim Dong-Bae) 


Issue Analysis

Analysis in Management of the Naeil Chaeum Mutual Aid Program for Youth: Focusing on Mid-way Cancellation and Maturity (Yoo Bin Kim)


Statistics Prism

Top Income Share (until 2018) (Min-Ki Hong)


Monthly Review of Recent Employment and Labor Law Cases


Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations




* Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean


2018 KLI Research Series

The Labor Market Institutions and Wage Inequality

Byung-hee Lee, Sung-mi Jung, Hyeon-kyeong Kim, Si-kyoon Lee

Chapter 1. Foreword (Byung-hee Lee)
Chapter 2. Effects of Women’s Career Interruptions on Wage Inequality (Sung-mi Jung)
Chapter 3. Effects of Changing Work Hours on Wage Inequality (Hyeon-kyeong Kim)
Chapter 4. Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment and Wage Inequality (Byung-hee Lee)
Chapter 5. Effects of Job Creations and Destructions on Wage Inequality (Si-kyoon Lee)
Chapter 6. Summary and Implications

Statistics and Survey Findings on Youth Employment and Labor

Yoo-bin Kim, Young-min Lee

Chapter 1. Introduction: Background and Purpose (Yoo-bin Kim)
Chapter 2. Current Status of Youth Employment and Labor (Yoo-bin Kim)
Chapter 3. Analysis of the 2018 Survey on Life of Young People (Yoo-bin Kim, Young-min Lee)
Chapter 4. Summary and Conclusion (Yoo-bin Kim, Young-min Lee)

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