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Recent Publications
International Labor Brief (Vol. 17, No. 8, 2019)
Author International Cooperation and Information Office
Publication Date 2019.08.15
Page 116 Pages
Price KRW 6,000
Publisher Korea Labor Institute

Global Focus

Heat Wave and Climate Change, a Threat to Workers (Ki-Sun Kim)


Special Feature: Climate Warming and Worker Protection

United States Working Conditions and Heat Protections in a Warming Climate (Shanna Devine, David Arkush)

Heat-The Case for a Maximum Temperature at Work (TUC)

Regulations and Measures for Labor Protection of Workers in High Indoors Temperature Environments (Kersten Bux)

International Research Trends

Research Analysis on Skilled Female Immigrant Workers in Europe (Taehoon Lee)


International Labor Trends

The Pay Discrimination Controversy of the US National Women’s Soccer Team (Jung Myung Kim)

Review and Challenges of Equal Pay for Equal Work in China (Seokjin Park)

Review of the Shortage Occupation List in the UK (Minseok Chae)

The 52nd CGT Congress in France (Nathalie Verdeil, Sylvain Goldstein)

Ratification of the ILO Convention No. 98 in Viet Nam (Jae Myung Park)


World Labor News


* Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean.  

Issue Paper

(Working Paper 2019-04) 2018 Wage Trends and Wage Outlook for 2019

Center for Labor Trends Analysis

I. Large Growth in Both Nominal and Real Wages in 2019
II. Wage Trends in 2018
III. Relative Wage Level of Different Types of Workers
IV. Wage Outlook for 2019


KLI News

ILO-KLI Workshop on Methods for Employment Impact Assessment (EIA)

The KLI with the ILO co-hosted the ILO-KLI Workshop on Methods for Employment Impact Assessment (EIA) on July 5th, 2019. The first session was led by the KLI. The first presentation was on the ‘Meaning and Overview of Employment Impact Assessment’ by Dr. Kyu-Yong Lee the Director of Center for Employment Impact Assessment. The second presentation was by Dr. Yoon-Gyu Yoon, a senior research fellow at the KLI on the ‘Methodology and Cases of Employment Impact Assessment’. The second part of the workshop was led by presenters from the ILO on the overall view of employment impact assessment and specific methods.

International Conference: 6th Regulating for Decent Work Conference at the ILO

The 6th Regulating for Decent Work Conference was held in the International Labour Office in Geneva, from 8-10 July 2019. The conference focused on the future of work and transformative policies in labor that ensure equitability. The KLI was one of the co-hosts of the conference. At this conference, various researchers presented papers on new policies on promoting transformation of working conditions towards inclusive growth. On the second day of the conference, a reception was co-hosted by the KLI, University of Manchester and the University of Durham. Please find the attached file on our website or the RDW website for the detailed program.


KLI Experts’ Seminar: Employment Systems and Working Conditions in Korea and Japan

The KLI hosted a seminar session with two scholars from Saitama University on the topic of the labor market and policies in Japan. Dr. Jeong-Hee Lee from KLI was the moderator for the seminar. In the first session Dr. Jong-Won Woo a professor at Saitama University presented on the topic of ‘Japan’s Plan for “Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens” and Employment System’. Following the session, the discussion session was led by Dr. Jae-Min Seong, Director of the Center for Labor Trend Analysis at the KLI. The second session was presented by Kanai Kaoru, professor at Saitama University on the topic of ‘Difference in the Way of Work and Gender Gap in Working Conditions’. Dr. Young-Woo Koh, Research Fellow at the KLI led the discussion for the second session.

Upcoming Events

Seminar Celebrating the 31st Anniversary of the KLI: The Aging Society and Finding Adequate Employment Systems


The KLI will be hosting a seminar celebrating the 31st Anniversary of the KLI on September 26th, 2019 at the 20th floor, International Conference Room, National Press Center Building. The topic of the seminar will be on ‘The Aging Society and Finding Sustainable Employment Systems’. The celebratory reception is scheduled to be held after the seminar. Minister Lee Jae-gab from the Ministry of Employment and Labor is scheduled to give a congratulatory speech along with Chairman Sunghyun Moon from the Economic, Social and Labor Council. For the first presentation, Dr. Jae-Ryang Nam from the KLI will be presenting on the topic of ‘Issues of Employment with the Aging Society and New Employment Systems’. The second presentation will be by Prof. Woo Sung Park from Kyung Hee University on ‘Sustainable Wage Systems in the Aging Society’ and the final presentation will be given by Dr. Joo-Seop Kim from the KLI on the topic of ‘Vocational Education Development Policies and Challenges’. Following each presentation there will be a discussion session by various researchers at the KLI. For additional information and detailed program of the event, please check our website for more news.

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