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Recent Publications
International Labor Brief (Vol. 17, No. 5, 2019)
Author International Cooperation and Information Office
Publication Date 2019.05.15
Language Korean
Page 92 Pages
Price KRW 6,000
Publisher Korea Labor Institute

Global Focus

Spirit of the ILO Centenary and the Future of Work (Jiyeun Chang)


Special Feature: Celebration of the ILO’s Centenary I

ILO’s Role in Employment Policy in the Past and the Future (Sangheon Lee)

The ILO and Social Justice at Work: Reinvigorating Its Century-old Mandate (Damian Grimshaw)

Report on the Future of Work Celebrating the ILO’s Centenary, “Work for a Brighter Future”: Background of the Publication and Its Significance (Chin-Sung Chung)

The Future of Work: Future Discourse of the ILO and Its Implication to Korea (Keun-Ju Kim)


International Labor Trends

Debate on Minimum Wage Increase in the US (Pyongsik Kim)

Characteristics of Minimum Wage Setting System in Australia and Related Discussion (Minhee Chae)

Policy Effort to Increase Female Faculty in the Universities in Sweden (Ji-Won Song)

Current Status and Issues of Car Sharing Services in Vietnam (Jaemyung Park)


World Labor News

Working Paper

(Working Paper 2019-03) Innovative SMEs and Job Creation for Youth

Yoon-Gyu Yoon, Hyeongjun Bang, Yongjin Nho

I. Introduction: Why Innovative SMEs?
II. Characteristics of High-growth Enterprises and Youth Employment
III. Contribution of Innovative SMEs to Total and Youth Employment
IV. Case Studies of Innovative SMEs
V. Directions for Policy Improvement


KLI News
KLI International Conference to mark the ILO’s Centenary: A dream of international society for social justice: Challenges for the ILO of 100 years and experiences in East Asia

The KLI hosted an international conference celebrating the ILO centenary under the theme of “A dream of international society for social justice: Challenges for the ILO of 100 years and experiences in East Asia” at Korea Federation of Banks, Seoul, on May 30th, 2019. For this commemorative event, prof. Alain Supiot from Collège de France gave a keynote speech on the modern meaning of social justice and the task of the ILO. Prof. Aiqing Zheng from Renmin University of China, Prof. Kazumasa Kado from Ryukoku University, and Dr. Jeseong Park from the KLI gave presentations respectively on China, Japan, and Korea’s experiences regarding social justice. After the presentations, round table with all speakers and discussants followed. The detailed program of the conference can be found on our website.

KLI Experts’ Seminar: Impacts of Labour Reform Policies in Brazil and Korea

The KLI hosted experts’ seminar at the KLI in Sejong on “Impacts of Labour Reform Policies in Brazil and Korea” on May 31st, 2019. Prof. Vitor Filgueiras and Dr. Uallace Moreira from Federal University of Bahia at Brazil were invited. Prof. Filgueiras gave a presentation on legal, economic, and social impacts of labour reform in Brazil and Dr. Moreira presented global supply chains and labour issues in Brazil. Dr. Jeong-Hee Lee and Dr. Sangbong Oh from the KLI gave presentations respectively on Korean issues, labor reform policies and minimum wage increase. Prof. Ho Chang Rho discussed on the recent reform of labour law in Brazil. The detailed program of the seminar can be found on our website.
Upcoming Events

KLI Seminar: SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and Inclusive Unionism

The KLI will be hosting a seminar on SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and inclusive unionism at the KLI, Sejong, on June 27th, 2019. At the seminar, prof. Kyoung-Hee Yu from the Management Discipline Group at the UTS Business School in Australia will give a presentation on the topic. The presentation will be delivered in Korean.


ILO-KLI Workshop on Methods for Employment Impact Assessment (EIA)

The KLI and the ILO will be co-hosting a workshop on methods for employment impact assessment (EIA) on July 5th, 2019, at the ILO in Geneva. The one-day workshop will consist of two sessions. At the first session, Dr. Kyu-Yong Lee from the KLI will present on the meaning and overview of EIA, and Dr. Yoon-Gyu Yoon from the KLI will give presentation on methodology and cases of EIA. At the second session, Task Force on EIA from the ILO will give presentations on overall view and specific method of EIA.  

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