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Working Paper Series

(Working Paper 2019-01) Evaluation of 2018 Labor Market and 2019 Employment Outlook

Center for Labor Trends Analysis

I. Overview of Labor Market in 2018
II. Evaluation of 2018 Labor Market by Sector
III. Employment Outlook for Second Half of 2018 and 2019

(Working Paper 2019-02) 2018 Review of Industrial Relations and Outlook for 2019

Jeong-Hee Lee

I. Statistics on 2018 Industrial Relations
II. Transitioning Period for the Existing Labor Regime, 2018 Review of Industrial Relations
III. Industrial Relations Outlook for 2019
Ⅳ. Conclusion

KLI News
Seminar on Integration of Immigrants and Labor Migration Policy
Seminar on Integration of Immigrants and Labor Migration Policy took place at Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Seoul on January 28th. The seminar was co-organized by the KLI, OECD, and IOM Migration Research and Training Center. Session 1 discussed how does Korea compare with other OECD countries in integration of immigrants. Dr. Jean-Christophe Dumont, head of the International Migration Division at OECD, gave a presentation on the effective integration of migrants and their children. At session 2, the presentations of the OECD review of labor migrant policy in Korea followed. The detailed program of the seminar can be found on our website.
Upcoming Events

KLI International Conference Celebrating the ILO Centenary – A Dream of International Society for Social Justice: The Challenges for the ILO of 100 Years and East Asian Experiences
The KLI will be hosting an international conference to celebrate hundred years of the ILO under the theme of “A Dream of International Society for Social Justice: The Challenges for the ILO of 100 Years and East Asian experiences” at Korea Federation of Banks, Seoul, on May 30th, 2019. For this commemorative event, Prof. Alain Supiot from Collège de France will give a keynote speech on the modern meaning of social justice and the task of the ILO. Prof. Aiqing Zheng from Renmin University of China, Prof. Kazumasa Kado from Ryukoku University, Dr. Jeseong Park from the KLI will each give a presentation on relevant experiences of China, Japan, and Korea. Simultaneous interpretation for Korean, French, Japanese and Chinese will be provided.

* Biography of Prof. Alain Supiot
Professor Alain Supiot obtained his Ph.D. in 1979 at the University Montesquieu of Bordeaux and became Professor in law in 1980.
Alain Supiot was successively professor at the University of Poitiers and Nantes, member of the Institut Universitaire de France (2001-2012), before being elected in 2012 to the Collège de France, where he held the Chair "The Social State and Globalization: A Legal Analysis of Forms of Solidarity". From 1998 to 2000, he chaired the "Conseil national du développement des sciences humaines et sociales" and is from 2013 onwards member of the French Conseil Stratégique de la Recherche. He spent several years of overseas research.
In 2007 he founded the Nantes Institut for Advanced Study, where he is currently fellow-at-large, after being a Director from 2008 to 2013.
He is a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy and Doctor honoris causa of the University of Louvain La Neuve and of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In August 2017, he has been appointed by the International Labour Organization as a member of the Global Commission on the Future of Work.

Alain Supiot has published alone or in collaboration with other researchers 27 books, many of which have been translated into diverse foreign languages. His research focuses mainly on two complementary domains: labor law and social security and theory of law. His main books published in English are:

• Homo Juridicus: On the Anthropological Function of the Law, 2007, Verso.

• The Grandeur and Misery of the Social State, 2013, Fayard/Collège de France.

• The Spirit of Philadelphia: Social Justice vs. the Total Market, 2012, Verso.

• Governance by Numbers. The Making of a Legal Model of Allegiance 2017, Hart.

Dr. Jeseong Park, a research fellow at the KLI, translated and published “Homo Juridicus: On the Anthropological Function of the Law” in Korean (titled as “법률적 인간의 출현”). He also translated and published the following book of Prof. Alain Supiot in Korean (titled as “노동법비판”).

• Critique du droit du travail, 2011, Presses Universitaires de France.


Experts’ Seminar at the KLI: Impacts of Labour Reform Policies in Brazil and Korea

The KLI will be hosting an experts’ seminar on Impacts of Labor Reform Policies in Brazil and Korea at the KLI, on May 31st, 2019. For the seminar, the KLI invites two experts from Federal University of Bahia at Brazil, Prof. Vitor Filgueiras and Dr. Uallace Moreira, the faculty of Economics. Prof. Filgueiras will give a presentation on legal, economic, and social impacts of labor reform in Brazil, and Dr. Moreira will be presenting global supply chains and labor issues in Brazil. Dr. Jeong-Hee Lee and Dr. Sangbong Oh from the KLI will each give a presentation on labor reform policies and recent minimum wage increase in Korea. The presentations will be delivered in English.  

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